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Companhia Textil de Castanhal


Castanhal protects the environment and advocates the integration among man and nature in a sustainable manner. Jute cultivation is deeply rooted in the Amazon biome, as it’s planted at the river channel without causing burnings or deforestation. Besides, there’s no use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Fertilization is made naturally by the natural humus left by natural flooding of the Amazon rivers.

Jute cultivation also generates income for families from deep inside the Amazon region. As the planting lands are small, jute production is carried out by the riparian families. Currently, about 15.000 families in the States of Amazonas and Pará depend of jute as their only source of income.

With this work, these families don’t need to engage in environmentally damaging activities, as hunting or predatory fishing, or big plantations that leads to burnings and deforestation.
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The alternative income provided by this crop also help to fix people living in rural areas, avoiding the exodus of the riverside dwellers to the outskirts of the large cities of the north of the country.

The industrial transformation process of the jute fiber in fabric, by its turn, does not generate hydrocarbons and effluents. Its natural properties ensure a fully biodegradable final product and, when disposed, leaves no residues on the environment.

The entire Castanhal production is BCS certified. BCS is an independent certification body of environmentally friendly products based in Germany. The BCS stamp – recognized throughout European Union, USA and Japan – ensure the compatibility of Castanhal’s jute products with the organic agriculture’s principles.

However, there is no use in show concern about the environment and forget the people. That’s why Castanhal constantly invests to improve its employees and partners’ quality of life. Among several actions, the company established the workers’ club, that offers a sports complex made up of a Olympic-size  swimming pool, children’s pool, grass football pitch, volleyball courts and indoor soccer, games room, dance hall and bar.

The company also maintains in the city of Castanhal (PA) the Escola Brenno Pacheco Borges for the employees’ children, dedicated to childhood education,  
from literacy to 4th grade. Moreover, there’s a permanent education incentive program through school agreements, and scholarships grants to employees.
Thanks to efforts like these ant the sponsorship from support groups for children and teenagers, Castanhal earned the tittle of Child Friendly Business from the Abrinq Foundation.